Highlighted Articles

ϟ Detecting Scala Extension Classes at Runtime
An example of how to detect classes at runtime to implement a convention-over-configuration extension strategy in Scala (or Java).
ϟ Why csscss doesn't remove duplication for you
Reasons behind csscss's design.
ϟ csscss
a CSS redundancy analyzer that analyzes redundancy.
ϟ Your Identity ≠ Your Code
We are more than our code.
ϟ My Thoughts on Refinements
Ruby 2.0 refinements have been a hot topic lately. Here are my thoughts on the debate.
ϟ Client Satisfaction and Resources
After freelancing for a while, I reflected on a one man shop providing excellent service.
ϟ Clients that Care
Touched by my clients concern for me.
ϟ Muscle Memory
I gave the Dvorak keyboard layout an honest attempt. For years.