New House

I’ve been rather quiet the past few weeks due to Brittany and I buying our first house. After 3 years of renting, we felt we were finally stable enough to make a commitment with our own home.

We purchased our brand new house in Howard City, MI. Everyone I talk to gives me this pained “I’m sorry about your commute” look, and no one seems to believe me that, it’s really not that bad.

Sure gas prices are a pain in the ass, but it’s actually nice to have an hour to sit and stew over what I need to do that day, or what I did that afternoon.

I’m rather lucky since we live only 5 minutes from the interstate, so it’s pretty much smooth sailing. But with the number of Orange Barrels I pass everyday, it feels like this month all of Michigan road construction decided to focus on Grand Rapids.

Hopefully soon I’ll post some pictures of our new home, and the area.