Another bonehead revelation

Ok, so I’m an idiot..

I’ve tried more than a few times to get a local version of RDoc with no luck. Sure I could generate the HTML, but the classes were missing very critical methods. Like String#split.

Last night at Borders, I had an idea. What if I tried generating the docs from the source, rather than the installation? ‘Lo and behold, that was exactly it. Gah, chalk another one up for me.

Hopefully I can garner a little respect by pointing others in the right direction who can’t figure it out, and are as embarrassed as I was about asking for help.

Steps to recreate docs

  1. Download the ruby source code
  2. Uncompress it and cd into the directory
  3. Execute rdoc --all -o ~/.rdoc

It’ll take a little while to generate, but you’ll have your local version.