Hacking Nite

So I’ve been itching for a Ruby Hacking Nite for a while. Elevator Up’s going to host a night at our offices on Tues the 22nd starting around 6ish, where we’ll supply some Pizza, Brew and Dew.

We’ll toss up a few ideas and then just choose something that seems interesting to work on. Don’t feel intimidated if you’re not pure awesomeness with the language. But I do suggest you know the basics.

A Few Ideas

  • I’ve had a hankering for an online play by twitter / email / etc Go game
  • A blog / twitter/ tumblr aggregator with links back to their originating sites.
  • A few people on the GR Ruby group had a few ideas dealing with RSS feeds

My Goals

  • Chat with some interesting people while working on a few interesting problems.
  • Learn from other’s coding styles, and problem solving techniques.
  • Pass on a few things I’ve picked up while coding.
  • Lastly, perhaps we can finish a few projects that we all have on our laundry list of “Crap to Code up”