Using Capistrano 1.4 with 2.x

I typically use Capistrano for deploying our applications. Though I do have a bookmark to investigate Vlad when I get some time.

We’ve been a bit slow to upgrade to Capistrano 2.x, and have a lot of existing applications that depend upon Capistrano 1.4 for deployment.

One tactic we’ve taken is to write a custom script to explicitly use 1.4 in conjunction with 2.x. A minor hack from the original, and we have:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

  require 'rubygems'
  gem 'capistrano', '<= 1.4.1'
rescue LoadError
  # no rubygems to load, so we fail silently

require 'capistrano/cli'


I threw this into a script called cap1.4 in /usr/local and can now do:

illian:~ zach$ cap1.4 -V
Capistrano v1.4.1
illian:~ zach$ cap -V
Capistrano v2.1.0

Obviously, a better approach would be to freeze in the capistrano gems per project, and access them via RAILS_ROOT/script/cap, but that too has been time sensitive. Notice a trend here?