Public Stream of Consciousness

I’ve heard a few people on Twitter not sure about the etiquette on following others. Particularly:

If you are following me, is it rude if I don’t follow you?

Twitter makes this difficult for two reasons

  1. Twitter is slightly more personal than other social networking applications
  2. Everyone uses Twitter in a different manner

I use Twitter as my Public Stream of Consciousness

This means about approximately 93.76% of my posts are dismissible. I have a very scientific process for analyzing my tweets that involves starting with “9”, and choosing three digits at random.

See? That’s a perfect example of the type of garbage that I flood the internet with.

However, unlike other people, I am perfectly ok with others not following me. I won’t be insulted if others don’t want to subject themselves to my endless stream of rants. If I do get upset, that’s my issue to deal with or adjust my behavior to suit.

So if Twitter is becoming less fun for you because I’m flooding your fire hose, but you feel I’ll think less of you if you don’t follow me back; don’t worry about it at all.