Not Enough Hours

Yesterday I was in a bad mood. In my disgruntlement, I decided to do some simple math on the number of hours in a day.

My average weekday is comprised of these activities:

  • Sleeping ~ 8hrs
  • Working ~ 10hrs
  • Miscellaneous - 3hrs (Driving, Showering, Checking Twitter)

That math only leaves a remainder of 3 hours a day. (24 - 8 - 10 - 3 = 3)

Quick Thoughts

  • That’s…depressing.
  • Less sleep could help, but probably ruin the quality of the rest of the hours.
  • I need to become more selective what takes up my free time. Do I really need to watch that new episode of NCIS?
  • I should check Twitter less

Bigger Revelation

My weekends are extremely valuable, and there’s no doubt I’ve been using them ineffectively. If I had to guess, my typical weekend boils down to watching T.V. playing mindless games, and catching up on work. Well, not anymore.

So I hope you enjoy this upcoming Memorial Day. Whether it’s to relax with the family, crack open a new book, or just have “alone time”.

I know I’m planning on making it count.