Nginx is extremely performant

A couple days ago I wrote an article about perceptions I’ve encountered as a freelancer. The article took off on Hacker News, which a great feeling.

I received several thousand page views in the process. At first I was like “Wow!” and that quickly turned into “Oh crap…” I wasn’t sure if my server hosting this blog would be able to handle that amount of traffic. But Nginx handled it like a champ.

When I setup this blog, I found an excellent How-To article on setting up Wordpress on Nginx using FastCGI from Aaron Schaefer. At the time this blog was using 5 PHP CGI processes and wasn’t using any form of Wordpress page caching, however neither memory nor CPU broke a sweat. And I’m only running on a few hundred MBs.

I don’t think Nginx is a perfect fit in every instance, however I’m really pleased with the results. I definitely recommend it to anyone else who is on the fence.