New Traverse City User Group: Northern Michigan Web and Mobile Meetup

After we moved back home in Elk Rapids Michigan, one thing that I acutely missed was the number of user groups we had in West Michigan. Don’t get me wrong, West Michigan doesn’t have nearly as many compared to a metropolitan hub. In Chicago they even have a VIM Usergroup. But West Michigan did a lot of events going on, and active communities around them.

Instead of lamenting about what’s missing, I decided to put together my own user group up here. Enter the Northern Michigan Web and Mobile Meetup which will have it’s first event in two weeks at 6:00 PM October 28th at CityMac.

I have ideas on the direction and the topics this group could discuss, however I’m sure after a few months we’ll hit a groove and discover what the group’s focus is going to be.

So if you’re in the Traverse City area on the 28th and feel like talking geeky feel free to drop by! Make it a point to seek me out and introduce yourself, I love meeting fellow tech geeks.