November Northern Michigan Web and Mobile Meetup

Last night we had our second Northern Michigan Web and Mobile Meetup and I think this went better than our first. This week I grabbed a couple pizzas from Chef Charles in Elk Rapids, that guy can make a tasty pie. In fact I still have a couple slices leftover for lunch today. This week we watched Gary Vaynerchuk’s RailsConf 2010 talk.


Gary has great stage presence, and I really connect with his messages in this talk. It also sounded like the group resonated with the talk and fed off his energy. We discussed items like caring about client relationships, the “Mom and Pop” attitude for tech and business, and hustling products.

I’ve set a date for the next meetup for December 14th. We may be at CityMac in Traverse City again, but I think it may be fun to mix it up and try out the Library. I’ll firm up the location closer to the 14th.

If you’re interested in Web, Mobile, and Business, I encourage you to stop by and hang out!