December Northern Michigan Web and Mobile Meetup

Last night we had our December Michigan Web and Mobile Meetup. We only had a couple guys due to family commitments, but that’s understandable since we’re only a week away from Christmas.

In the talk from last month, Gary Vaynerchuk mentioned Zappos and hearing about their rich company culture, we watched an interview by the CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh.

Before we watched the interview, we actually watched Jeff Bezos of Amazon give a short clip when they acquired Zappos:


Here’s Tony’s interview on

Tony speaks a lot differently than Gary, but has a lot of insight on Business and Happiness. He mentioned Good to Great and having read that a few years ago, I heartily recommend it as well. He also mentioned Tribal Leadership which I’ll be picking up soon. And of course there’s Tony’s book Delivering Happiness which I still need to check out.

I really appreciate Tony’s perspective on culture and happiness. I also connected with his comments about the Millennials.

…there are so many people in corporate America where they’re a different person at home on weekends versus on monday when they’re in the office. And they leave a little part of themselves, or a big part of themselves at home … maybe what the millennials are bringing to the forefront [is that] they can be the same person…